Monday, January 1, 2018

Truly, Deeply, MAD

MAD 5 Copenhagen Denmark August 28 and 29, 2016

The trip started with dinner at Noma right after I arrived in Copenhagen on Saturday. 
The most memorable meal of my life. 

The doors to the tent open right at 9. The music is blaring and we scramble to find a close seat. I have latched onto Illiana Regan the highly respected chef from Elizabeth and Co. in Chicago. I am having a hard time reconciling her soft voice and almost petite presence with the article I just read about her in Art Culiaire magazine. She is lovely and I want to be her new best friend. I lead us into a row of seats on the right side of the stage. Everything is right there in front of us, until a camera boom pops up and we are left with this big black iron arm waving through our view. 

It all started off with 
Jacques Pepin and his daughter Claudine.  true masters and a delightful family!

This was an incredible panel: Francis Lam moderating Alex Atala, Kylie Kwong, Jessica Koslow, April Bloomfield and Rosio Sanchez. It was too short!

Parabere Forum meets MAD! So good to see this bunch of talented ladies!

Dinner at 108 Sunday night was off the hook. Rene Redzepi and Daniel Patterson Sat next to us and the word was there were 52 Michelin Stars in the room at that moment. Goosebumps!

We are listening, Rene!

Dinner for 500 under a bridge.  Truly MAD Style!

Final Dinner with Mark Canlis of Canlis Restaurant and John Sundstrom from Lark
bonding over glazed uterus. a little Francis Lam photo bomb. Super fun night!


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