Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Cub Scouts came to visit this week! We arranged the tour for closing time...which was a little different in the sense that we weren't really baking anything at that point, at 6 pm in February we are usually walking out the door, floors mopped and all. Luckily, we had a big fire in the wood stove and little boys really love fire! So do their dads, so we got to answer lots of questions and I realized how few people in town actually are aware of exactly what it is we are doing here, baking in this huge brick oven. With the open kitchen format I always just assume that anyone who comes in can see what's going on, but the oven isn't clearly visible from the front door and if you don't walk past the pastry case, I guess you wouldn't notice. It was fun seeing the little guys get so excited about just being back in the kitchen and seeing how big everything is compared to their own kitchens at home. I asked them what they most wanted to learn how to make...most of them said 'Cake'! After thoroughly discussing the oven, we marched them back to show off the 'tower of flour' (can you believe how much cake that would make?) and on to the hand-washing sink, which is, we liked to remind them, where we spend ALOT of our time! They moved around the corner to Maya and she gave them a quick lesson on making a latte. This was my favorite moment and as I looked on along with the attending parents as my daughter (the one I gave birth to one month after we opened the bakery almost 16 years ago!) so poised and professional showing her stuff, I had to fight back tears. We sent the boys and their parents off with cookies and white trash rolls and lots of smiles! Thanks for coming guys!

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mayala said...

ma, i'm touched about the coffee thing but fighting back tears? ...really? hee. jk.