Tuesday, February 3, 2009

You can see right through MY heart!

Maple Butter Cookies are my go to cut out cookie dough. I know, using real maple syrup (especially at this time of year!) is not exactly the most cost effective thing in the world, but a tasty sugar cookie made with love could sub in nicely for a dozen roses grown in Equador, (by women with no say over the pesticides they are exposed to...oh, don't get me started.) Instead make some cutouts by using two different sized cutters and crumble up some hard candy in the center...seriously, this is some crushed candy cane left over from the holidays, we're recycling here! Bake as usual and you will be rewarded with these magical gems, sure to delight even the most hard to please of hearts...(um, yeah, so, i forgot the maple butter recipe at work...so, like, i'll have it up on the recipe blog tomorrow...pinky swear!)

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