Monday, February 23, 2009

its Monday...have a piece of quiche

It was just like any other morning in February...around 7:30 am, kinda slow, only a couple of customers, one of whom is Charles' teacher. As we were chatting about all things Charles (one of my favorite subjects!), a guy walks in...he's real tan and kinda scruffy in a good way. He has this huge thing with him wrapped in a blue tarp and tied together really well, which when he props it up at a table, looks like a mummy. We were all, "Hey, what you got in there?" and He says, "It's my grandpa."
I just love Mondays at the Bakery!

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Barbara said...

I grabbed a piece on my way through town to ski from East End Road to the ocean on Stepping Stone Lakes trail/road. 'Twas the perfect "take along" snack.