Monday, April 20, 2009

Fresh Bread for Dinner, Toast for Breakfast!

We are borrowing a page from the Tartine playbook and adjusting our baking schedule to fit a little more closely with both the needs of our customers and ourselves. Instead of trying to put out a bunch of beautiful pastries and breakfast and lunch items AND make bread AT THE SAME Time, we are moving the bread bake to mid-day, so as to free up our oven space and give folks a hot loaf just in time for dinner! It is taking a little time to figure out the oven firing schedule and it will take even longer to fully train our customer base, but in the end, It could be well woth the Thanks, Chad! (I think)


Kanani said...

Those are beautiful.
And that's a smart move in your scheduling. I know if I smelled freshly baked bread in the afternoon, I'd definitely make my way over.

Anonymous said...

We had soup and fresh bread for dinner tonight and the first thing I heard was "this bread is SO good. It's so soft and chewy"....this coming from a family that is already way in love with your bread! We diggin' the new bread schedule!

Carri said...

Yea! Fresh bread for everyone! Thanks for the sweet comments!