Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hot Stuff!

Just like I promised, Here is something hot for you! Only it's not coming out of my oven ..OR a volcano...this one is hot off the Presses! My good friend Dan Coyle (author of Lance Armstrong's War and Hardball...among others!) has a new book coming out that has already changed my life and I haven't even read it yet! I was lucky enough to watch his first presentation of the book's premise and, with that alone, have put some of his 'practices' in place when teaching both my bakers or my children! Whether you are coaching t-ball or teaching someone how to roll pie crust, the stuff Dan lays out in this book will make you a more effective teacher and learner...I can't recommend it highly enough! I pre-ordered mine from can,too!
It hits bookstores April 28th!
Update: You can read the first chapter here...!
Check out the web site, too!

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