Sunday, April 26, 2009

Planting Moon...

The volcano still looms in our presence with it's 'lava dome' and 'discreet earthquakes'...enough to make us wary of settling into normal life. Luckily, Mother Nature marches on with or without us, so when Natalia said that this weekend will be a good planting moon, we decided to get together after work and dig in the dirt! We saved tomato cans all week and got some bags of soil and seeds and stuff (I plantd Dahlia corms in # 10 cans). Natalia had bunch of 4 paks and she was very organized, carefully labeling everything. Ryan brought in a pair of waders that he planted Sunflowers in, propping up the boots with alder sticks. Irene brought some lovely little Basil starts and, along with Brianna, helped Kate juggle Calvin and Henry and still get something accomplished! We had to do it inside because the weather kicked up some wind and rain...(what's a planting party without a little of that!) Spring is slowly but steadliy having her way with us, teasing us with snippets of sun and warmth, but at the moment all is still very grey with ash and it's hard to believe things will be green ever again!

...a few weeks ago I was so desperate I planted me some grass, man!

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