Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Quite a week...'literally' speaking!

This has been a big week for our little town of Homer in the Literary World...Yesterday, two of our good friends had book releases...Daniel Coyles 'The Talent Code' finally hit the bookstores...on it's way to changing the world of teaching forever! And Miranda Weiss' book 'Tide, Feather, Snow' a memoir of adjusting to a new life in Alaska, will sure to be in everyone's beach bag this summer! I got a call Monday from Miranda's husband asking for a cake to I channelled my inner Duf Goldman and whipped out a book so good you could eat it! Of course, this was not without it's I was dismounting the chair I stood on to take this picture, I slipped (you know it had to happen, didn't you?) and drove the heel of my hand into the corner of the cake! Luckily, I had already gotten the photo, right?! Some quick cake repair (after I finished swearing) and all was well once again...

After all the cake excitement was out of the way and my blood pressure returned to normal, we got a sweet e-mail from the author of this book:

He said he lived in our neighborhood a few years ago and would walk his little girl to the beach, stopping by the bakery for snacks. Then he moved back to N Carolina and decided to write a childrens book about it! You just never know when you are going to be someone's muse!
Maybelle, Bunny of the Northis available Here

Related Events: Dan will be doing a reading at the Homer Public Libraryon Friday, May 1st... (Don't worry, buddy, I've got a cake for you, too!) and Miranda will be reading on Thursday May 14th at The Bunnell Street Art Center


mary said...

Carri, you always take such good care of all of us in this wonderful world of Homer!
The cake is a true work of art--it's lovely.
Love, Jenny

Mike said...

Did you get an after photo and an after after photo?

You know one after you smashed it and one after you fixed the smashing.

After photos of the cake or you face will be sufficient.

Great job by the way. I am jealous that Ryan got to work with all of you this summer.

Kim Baise said...

It's funny,ironic that my sister and I (also two sisters)published Keith Patterson's: Maybelle, Bunny of the North :)which mentions your wonderful bakery. We love your blog and mentioned you a few times in our June 28th post here:

Thank you for the Maybelle book post!