Friday, December 18, 2009

Cookie Train has left the station!

Years ago...when we decided to do Holiday Cookies in earnest. We got the idea to sell them by the pound...averaging out the effort and ingredients to give an easy way to encourage people to think of us when their holiday baking ran out of control.Now 10 years later, everywhere we go...the post office, in line at the grocery store... all we hear about is the cookies. We are pumping them out at a frantic pace! Our customers say it helps take the pressure off when they want something festive, but don't have the time or space to do it for themselves. We enjoy everyones delight in our beautiful array of handmade treats. It's funny though, at my own house as we set up the tree and decorate the house, my kids beg: Mom, we need to make some christmas cookies! I look at them a little askew and try to say calmly "dears, I don't know if you've noticed, but all I've been doing is making cookies for days and days"... that's when they roll their eyes and say..."we mean at HOME, mom!" so you see, even I don't fully get off the hook.
For the rest of you, the bakery has lots available for the upcoming week.
Prices are $10.00 per pound (a pound gets you about 2 dozen cookies)
We can wrap them in a pretty box and ship them too! (e-mail us at
Here's what we are making right now:

Lavender Shortbread
Coconut macaroons
Lemon Poppy Muhns
Raspberry Thumjams
Toffee Bars
Lemon Melt-aways
Cranberry-Orange Drops
Pumpkin Spice Cookies
Maple Butter Cookies
Chocolate Gingerbread
Gingerbread Cutouts
Merengue Snowmen

There will be more to come as the holidays unfold...if you're in town, stop by for a chai-nog and a little holiday cheer!
A big welcome home to all our visiting college kids, y'all are making my Maya very jealous!

If you happen to want to do some holiday baking here's a link to a new food site administrated by Amanda Hesser I've found called Food52...lots of great recipes and inspration!
Here's their cookie page

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