Wednesday, December 23, 2009

T'was the morning before Christmas...

Twas the morning before Christmas and all through the kitchen
Sharon was baking bread that came out totally bitchin.
The stockings were not hung by the oven with care,
because we were to busy to put them up there!
The cookies were nestled all snug on their trays,
With hopes that they're headed to someone's partay.
Thanks to Irene in her apron and Ryan in his cap,
we were loaded for bear with holiday smack.
When out by the espresso machine there rose such a clatter,
We sprung into action to see what was the matter.
Away to the back Brianna did dash,
"There's a lady here to pick up her meal and she wants it real fast!"
We tore through the orders, looked through the trash,
but there was none to be had, so Bri thought in a flash,
"She's is at the wrong place to pick up!"
Whew...crisis avoided, now back to the rush.
As we packed up more cookies and busily wrapped trays,
The sun made a showing to brighten our day.
It was then Carri remembered we had something else to lighten our pain,
A present from Red, her signature cocktail of juice and Champagne!
We were able to finished the day in typical style,
making quick work of all the orders left in the pile.
Then what to our wondering eyes did appear,
but the clock had struck four and we were all outta there!
We heard Rachel and Natalia exclaim, as they disappeared out of sight::
"Merry Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!"

Happy Holiday Everyone!!

We will be closed Christmas Day, open again on Saturday!


maya grace said...

ahahaha. i love you gals (and guys)

Carri said...
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