Thursday, December 31, 2009

Snow Angels, a Blue Moon and a Happy New Year!

We are wrapping up holiday week as we continue to juggle schedules to give everyone a break and do some of our own celebrating. I'm excited to be having fun with my little snow angels over the new year, skiing at Alyeska Resort. They have a torch light ski and fireworks tonight and then party with the half of Homer that is up here,too! The Bakery is winding down cookie madness and preparing for the last of the holiday catering. (thanks again for letting me get away, guys!) When I return, Sharon sets off to China for a couple of weeks, sans children, for a big adventure...look out Shanghai, you may never be the same! Many in our staff are coming and going right now, everyone trying to get in their holiday fun while they can! We are very grateful for Irene coming in from Portland to help us out (Haven also came and pulled some barista awesome) and for Brianna, Ryan, Abbey, Natalia and Rachel for being here throughout the crunchtime. Now, with Jill back from Belize, Natalia gets to leave for Kona for a couple of weeks, by then Hayley will be back from Austin and we will be a full crew once again! Aren't we a well traveled bunch? One thing about living up here is, to be happy and adjusted, you really have to get out once in a while. It's usually just enough to remind one that the world down there is a madhouse! I always find it a huge relief to come back to out little hamlet by the sea, where the worst traffic jam is getting out of West Homer Elementary School parking lot at 8:10am on a school day.
As an added bonus, the weather is clear so we have a beautiful view of the Blue Moon brightening our oh so dark skies.
It makes the snow sparkle and casts a hopeful glow on the coming new year.

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Unknown said...

hi carri!!! miss you guys and homer town. i'm holdin' it down over here in texas. my family is doing awesome. we're having a great time. nice to have more than 6 hours of daylight! hope all is well and you enjoy your girdwood trip. see you when i get back! tell everyone hello!