Monday, January 5, 2009


I'm back from a New Year's week of fun in the cold! And was it cold! We skiied the first two days of the week in -5 degrees and I thought that was pretty adventurous for me, especially! Then when the temps dipped past -10...I cried uncle! Daughter Jane toughed it out on that last day...honing her new boarding skills. Now it's back to school and Bakery. Homer is a little warmer this morning, my thermometer says 0 degrees right now. Time to make ice cream! Which brings me to a new blog to share by a very creative pastry chef in New York. Michael Laskonis' Workbook today tosses around the idea of sweet yellow pepper sorbet...mmm!


Anonymous said...

it sounds like it's downright cold everywhere! so glad the hearth of two sisters beams as a beckoning beacon of bolstering brilliance, warmth and soul-loving food and atmosphere. much love from the snowdrifts of cleveland. see you soon! ish, well, towards break-up, you know? ;P

Dr. Utopia said...

It is so cold I wanna punch something.