Monday, January 12, 2009

'King Corn' comes to town!

A year or so ago author and food blogger Michael Ruhlman wrote an informative post on the film King Corn. Check it out HERE .
King Corn is a documentary directed by Aaron Wolf and features two College grads; Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis (shown above), as they discover where America's food comes from when they plant a single acre of corn and follow it from seed to the dinner plate. They treat this complex subject with humor to show how , with the help of modified seeds and powerful herbicides, this country's most sudsidized crop becomes the staple of it's cheapest and most troubling foods...(high fructose corn syrup anyone?)
Now, King Corn is coming to Homer! This Thursday at the Homer Family Theater. 6 pm. They'll be serving an all organic menu sponsored by Smoky Bay Natural Foods and Inner Nature Chiropractic...with hot dog buns made by us! We'll be meeting here at the Bakery for beers before the show if you'd like to join in!

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