Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to us!

This January marks the 10 year anniversary of 'Soul Sisters. inc.' We formed the official corporation in Jan 1999 after Sharon and Kate had worked their way into partnership of the business with lots of sweat equity and creative contributions. It has been a fruitful 10 years! We bought land and designed and built a new Bakery with beautiful B&B rooms above...installed the brick oven we had been dreaming of and given birth to 5 more babies along the way. Without their swooping in to save Two Sisters way back in 1997...the bakery itself would be a distant memory! I was just interviewed by Alaska Business Monthly Magazine about how a business survives as long as we have. (we'll be 16 years old in May!) It really gave me a chance to reflect on what it takes to make it work. In our case it has been a serious passion for what we do, a fierce determination to do it and a sincere love for both the people we work with and the people we serve. It helps to be doing it in such a beautiful place. We have a view of the snow capped mountains meeting the sea from our baking tables and great tunes on the stereo and a warm fire burning in the brick oven...surviving? Shoot, we're thriving! And we couldn't have done it without each other, so, Congratulations Girls! (did I spell that right?)

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Anonymous said...

and many more! so good to see your faces! now if that isn't something to make a guy a little homesick ;) we'll see you soon, happy birthday soul sisters!