Monday, January 19, 2009

Hey wanna meet my Sister?!

If someone would have told me when I opened Two Sisters Bakery with my good friend (we felt like sisters...we thought people would get it), that one of my true sisters would move from Michigan to Homer and end up for a time working at the Bakery (you can picture the dialog can't you? "Are you one of the 'sisters'?" "No, but my sister is!"), I'm not sure I would have stuck with it. We have confused so many people because we also happen to have almost the same name. My delightful and talented sister Tarri has since married a 5th generation blacksmith and has herself been creating beautiful pieces of metal art for a decade now. All from a gal who spent 20 years as a high-end hair dresser in Ann Arbor! Her husband Marlon Prazen is part of an amazingly talented family and my sis just fit right in. They have built a new shop out east of Homer and hope to open their new gallery on site very soon. Until then you can ogle at their work on their new website at

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Tarri Thurman said...

Hey Sister.....Your web site and blog is so very cool. Thanks for the lovely story! I treasure my time with you. I love you lots tt