Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chocolate Bacon Truffles...

The Chocolate- Bacon Truffle became the subject of the day as I performed my own social experiment to see how people would react to this 'unusual' pairing...pretty much it was an all or nothing deal- either you said "YES...I'll have two!" or it was "uh...I'm not doing bacon right now" the people who did try it thought, if nothing else, decided it could be more...well...Bacon-y!
My method this morning was to melt more semisweet chocolate, add a little bacon fat and use this to enrobe the rolled truffles. Each one was then topped with a mix of crispy bacon and turbanado sugar all ground together in the spice grinder (sorry Randall, I swear I cleaned it really well!)
The result was smooth, silky, not at all what you would expect...in my mind...a complete success!

A more detailed formula will be posted to the recipe blog as soon as I work it all out...

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Absolutely terrific.