Friday, January 30, 2009

Our Espresso Machine is down...!!

It will an interesting day here...
While being a Bakery is very important to us...the coffee that goes along with is really just as big of a deal. We have a sweet 10 year old Astoria 2 group manual espresso machine we bought brand new. Some people think it's older than it is because of it's lack of electronic controls...but, we have to clarify, we wanted it this way...old school,more control of our shots, and besides, they are way more fun to operate. Because it's not a machine that's used much commercially anymore, when it goes down...fixing it can be quite an adventure! Our house handy ma'am and Espresso Machine Technician- Sharon- has had a crazy couple of days tryint to figure this all out...a big Thanks goes to Steve (now known as Sharon's new boyfriend) at General Espresso in North Carolina. Now, hopefully the part will show up today and we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming...til then can I interest you in a cup green tea with your scone?

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